How to Apply QuickTop Hair Topper

How to Apply the QuickTop Hair Topper

Hair toppers are a fast and easy way to add instant thickness, fullness and length to fine hair. It is one of the best solutions for women experiencing alopecia or hair loss. Human hair toppers can be curled, flat ironed, colored and styled like your own natural hair.

The QuickTop hair topper is a mini hair piece. This hair piece has a silk base so that once it has been clipped onto the top of the head the hair appears as if it is growing from the scalp. The QuickTop Hair piece is perfect for women who are thinning in the part area. This topper is also a great solution for beginning stages of female pattern baldness. They are also perfect for covering grey hair or dark roots that are growing in.

Watch the video tutorial below of how to apply the QuickTop Hair Topper